5 Considerations Before You Buy Landscape Lighting

It is common knowledge that lighting is an integral part of any landscape design. Having the perfect lighting brings out the glowing beauty of any object it focuses. However, just like any other design, it has to be planned, too much or too few lights create a chaotic mess that is not pleasing to the eyes. Also, you need to consider the budget. It is not just about buying Houston landscape lighting, but you also have to think the expenses and maintenance in the long run. For you to have the best Houston landscape lighting in every aspect, here are some things you need to consider.

The Location

In the older days, landscape lighting installation entails a lot of work since workers need to dig. However, modern designs offer sturdy cables, so all you need to do is to make sure they are out of the way. Just tuck them behind trees, bushes, flowers or if you prefer, cover them with soil. It means that you don’t have to worry about where to put your lights since there is no limit, you can put them anywhere you want.

The Source of Power

As mentioned above, you can place your lightings anywhere you like, however, for efficiency and practicality reasons, it is advisable to put them close to a power source. It is advisable to use low-voltage transformers as it doesn’t consume much. Landscape lightings don’t require any multiple or unique outlets; your typical grounded outdoor outlet will do. Furthermore, it is advisable to strategically place your lights close to outlets to save on cables. Keep the distances even so it would look organized rather than looking scattered.

The Materials

When it comes to your lighting needs, there are three main components you need to have. You will need the lights, cables and a transformer. The transformer is the heart of the system. You have to ensure you have the right size for your needs. So you might be wondering how to do that. It is effortless. Just add the total wattage of all the lights you will be using then multiply the sum by 1.5. The product is the size in watts of the transformer you will be needing. If you are planning on adding more lights in the future, it is better to buy a bigger one so you won’t have to change or buy again. On the other hand, if you do not want to stress yourself with all these calculations, there are complete kits you can buy. It is advisable for first-timers.

The Type of Light

There are many different types of light to choose from depending on how you want your landscape to look like when lit. However, if you’re going to go for design, practicality and efficiency at the same time, LED is recommended. These are known to produce bright and beautiful lights while consuming minimal electricity. They also last longer as compared to other types of lighting.

The Design

When it comes to design, you can plan it yourself or ask the help of professional landscape artists. What you have to remember though is less is always better when it comes to lights. Too much is not just impractical, but it would also make your garden overly decorated and too crowded. Having just the right amount of brightness and number of lights can make your yard elegant, stylish and pleasing to the eyes.